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Yacht broker

Have you decided to buy a yacht in Sweden and do you need professionals to conduct the purchase and sale process?

Contact us!

We are professionals and have been working in the Swedish yacht market since 2008, we have extensive experience, extensive opportunities and are well versed in all the features of this market.

 Our fee, after agreement with you, does not change, but we can               significantly reduce the cost of the yacht for you.

 You do not need to organize a trip just to see the yacht you like, use our services, we will do it professionally.

 Through us, you will receive full valid information about the yacht, since the owner is obliged to provide us, as a Swedish resident, with all information about the technical condition and legal status of the object being sold.

We will check the yacht for defects, co-ownership, availability of documents, registration in registries, etc.

 Based on the Swedish "Consumer Law" and the concept of "befintligt skick" (condition as is), the seller has the right to keep silent about some shortcomings.

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