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Dufour 34 is a great boat for any purpose. It combines high performance, comfortable rooms and a really attractive design. It is ideal for lovers of pleasure boats, keen on fast and jet models. Dufour 34 will also appeal to those who prefer comfort and good maneuverability. Advantages: good view from the stern; comfortable cockpit Cons: fluting systems.


Type of vessel Sailing yacht Overall length 10.60 m Width (Beams) 3.48 m Minimum draft 1.50 m Maximum draft 1.90 m Water tank capacity 285 l Fuel tank capacity 90 l Number of cabins 3 Number of beds 6/8 Passenger capacity 6 Bathrooms 1 Latrine (Toilet) 1 Number of engines 1 Power 29 hp


Dufour 34

420 000,00 krPrice
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