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A small yacht for those who want to start with a minimum budget. There is a fresh 4-stroke engine, which means that fuel consumption will not be very large.

There is a staysail twist, the sails are in good condition, the running rigging is also in good condition, there is wiring to the cockpit (which is quite convenient and rare for such a budget).

Inside, the tree is in normal condition, it would be possible to alter the pillows, and it will look more interesting.

There is also an anchor device, there is a navigator, mooring equipment, etc.

For the winter, you can put in Estonia for the whole season for 250 euros (not per month, but the whole winter).

You won't go to the ocean on such a yacht, but it's quite possible to walk around the Baltic, find out what yachting is, and then sell it for 2000-3000 euros.


Length: 6.8 meters
Width: 2.4 meters
Draft: 1.29 meters
Cabin height: 1.6 meters
Sleeps: 4
Kitchen (galley): yes
Toilet (head): yes


SKU: 366615376135191
35 000,00 krPrice
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