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We perform a full set of ship delivery services. If necessary, we provide a full range of loading and unloading operations, as well as documentary support on a contractual basis with warranty obligations for the safety of the yacht. We have the lowest prices secured by valid insurance guarantees.

We will overtake your yacht inside Europe or Scandinavia. The cost and conditions of the haul are negotiated separately, and depend on the time of year, the remoteness of the objects (regions), the size of the yacht, and current expenses. The discussion of the stage and the conclusion of the Contract is possible only after the owner provides full technical information about the yacht.
The following expenses are taken into account when planning the stage:

Expenses for the technical readiness of the yacht for the stage
The yacht must have the necessary spare parts, tools, household and household supplies, fuel tanks, a supply of engine oil and coolant, spare ropes, navigation equipment, team rescue equipment, first aid kit, etc.

Payment for skipper and crew services
To drive a yacht, not one skipper may be required, but a team of several people - the crew. This expense item includes the costs of transfers and hotels, meals, insurance, visas. The fee of the skipper and crew depends on the qualification, the duration of the haul and the size of the yacht.
Fuel and parking in marinas.

The cost of parking in the marina depends on the sailing region, the services provided in the marina, as well as the size of the yacht. The fuel consumption of the engine depends on its power, type and year of manufacture.

Before overtaking the yacht, the skipper buys the necessary provisions and makes supplies of drinking water. Also, stocks can be replenished during parking.

Overtaking a yacht is not a cruise and not yachting for pleasure, it is hard responsible work. The main task of the haul is to deliver the yacht in integrity and safety with minimal risk to the life and health of the crew members, without loss of equipment and equipment.

Independent driving of the yacht by the buyer - we provide services to ensure the entire range of work related to the preparation of the yacht for the haul, if necessary, we will provide technical personnel and a personal car, as well as provide full support and technical support throughout the route.

We also deliver yachts by cargo transport to anywhere in the world. Experienced carriers with whom we work will also provide a full range of services for the organization of yacht transportation.

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